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Workshops & Digital Guides

Sunday Slowdown
with Jesse Siddeek
June 2: 7:00-8:30pm

Join Jesse for "Sunday Slow Down", a nervous system regulating and self-care experience, with a twist!

Jesse Siddeek is a psychic medium, therapist, and fitness instructor who is passionate about mindfulness and holistic healing.


Stabilize, Strengthen & Mobilize:
A Daily Guide for Managing Lower Back Pain

Download a 16-page digital guide designed by Nell Amos, MS, PMA-CPT, ( a 20-year leader in the fitness industry!) for managing lower back pain.  The guide contains a full step-by-step exercise program that incorporates a unique Pilates-based combination of strength, flexibility, and mobility exercises.  You have the option of a 20-minute sequence or a shorter 5-10-minute program for days when you are rushed for time!  All exercises include pictures and clear step-by-step descriptions.

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